Resident Evil 7 Downgraded To Accommodate VR?

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We know that Capcom is serious about offering their fans a new VR experience when the new Resident Evil 7 game arrives but the fans won’t be too happy about that if that means that the game was downgraded.

Capcom announces that they had to increase their development cost for the game and it looks like VR was the one to blame. There decision to support VR meant that they graphic of the game will need to be more complex.

Some fans have started to worry that the increase of development cost would affect the quality of the game but Capcom ensures that by using their own tools they are able to minimize the cost without sacrificing the quality of the game.

Many fans were also not too happy with Capcom’s decision to offer the game in first person mode and have commented that they would rather not have the VR if it meant that they could play the game in third-person mode.