Resident Evil 2 Remake Taking Cues From Resident Evil 7

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We know that the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake will be built from the ground up and because if that, the fans can’t wait to see what Capcom has done to the game. They have not revealed anything so far but it looks like the beta version might be closer than we think.

We have not heard from Capcom yet but some people believe that the black screen before the Resident Evil 7 playable teaser might be pointing towards the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo.

Many people believe that Capcom might actually offer the demo with the new game when it arrives earlier this year. The new Resident Evil 7 game was set to be released on the 24th of January next year.

There were speculations about the developer possibly messing around with the camera angle of the remake. Let’s hope they don’t end up messing the whole game up.