Red Dead Redemption 2 Development Underway Says Rockstar Games Senior Developer’s Profile

According to profile of Senior game developer at Rockstar Red Dead Redemption is underway

Rockstar has been known as the creator of some of the best games on the market. GTA 5 has been the latest game to come from the developer along with GTA Online. The latter is being supervised by a special programming team and now the developers are working on releasing a sequel to another of their great games.

Information has been leaked through a profile over at LinkedIn. The profile is for none other than a senior engineer, he says that Rockstar are working on a famous IP. Feinstein worked in a team on the Max Payne games.

Fans have been over the moon with the leak and they believe that games such as Bully, Manhunt and Red Dead Redemption all stand a chance of getting sequels.

A lot of gamers have suggested that Red Dead Redemption would be the most obvious choice for a follow up game, this is down to the fact that the leak said that development of the game had already begun. Red Dead Redemption 2 could come out by Fall this year and it would almost certainly arrive on the next gen consoles.

Thanks to the leak gamers have gotten very excited about the prospect of seeing Red Dead Redemption 2 with better graphics. As the first game was a winner for Rockstar there is no doubt that a sequel will get released, however for now the game in development remains a mystery.

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