ReCore Will Only Keep You Entertain For Less Than 5 Hours

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ReCore was one of the most anticipated games this year and although thing started out really positive for ReCore, it looks like things are started to fall apart now.

A lot of fans have already started commenting on how buggy the game is and how many of them are just stuck because of it. Fans seem to agree that the game was great in the first 5 hours, they brought out new mechanic and everything seems to flow smoothly but then things just turn for the worst.

Players reported buggy markets that showed them the wrong directions, odd camera issue as well as getting stuck in odd places because of some invincible walls. Fans also pointed out how sloppy the game was especially if you start exploring the side dungeons.

After all the hype, you can bet that the fans are far from happy with how the game turn out. What do you think of ReCore so far?