Ready For Second-Gen Pokemon Go?

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The craze for the Pokemon Go app has calmed down significantly. Despite all the new upgrades and special features, people seems to be over the game now and the only way Niantics can bring the people back is to bring in new Pokemon.

While Niantics has never hinted that they are about to release a new set of Pokemon soon, a Reddit users has just posted a picture of what he is claiming is the internal memo of Starbuck and that there seems to be a Pokemon marketing campaign happening on the 7th of December and that it will be for the ‘launch of Pokemon Version 2″ and that Starbucks store will be part of the launch.

We do not know if version 2 means the second gen Pokemon update but a lot of fans seems to think so. It was also revealed earlier this month that the second gen Pokemon are already in the game’s code.