Prince of Persia: Did We Miss The Point?

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When the employee from Reflection tweeted an image showing all the past Prince of Persia game along with a question mark at the end, the fans immediately assume that the employee was trying to hint that there might be more Prince of Persia in the future. If that is the case, why has there not been any announcement?

Well, maybe Ubisoft has already made the announcement but we just could not accept it. While no new Prince of Persia game was announced last year, Ubisoft did make an announcement announcing that Price Of Persia will be free for a month in celebration of their anniversary.

Some people are beginning to wonder if that was what the tweet was about. If that is the case, that means we will not be seeing anymore Prince of Persia game anytime soon.

Previous rumors suggested that a new 2D Prince of Persia game was being made but so far we have not seen or heard anything that can support that rumor.