Portal 3: Should The Fans Be Happy?

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The thing about games like Portal and Half-Life is that even though the game has a huge fan base, Valve seems to have moved on already and it does not look like they are interested in coming out with a new game in the near future.

In case you did not know, Gabe Newell hosted an AMA on Reddit and among the question that was posted, one of them was about which game Gabe preferred, Half-Life or Portal. Surprisingly, Gabe chooses Portal. His reason is that he was so involved with Half-Life that he know what they did wrong and he could see all the flaws in the game. That is why he choose Portal.

That does not mean that Valve will start working on a new Portal game but at least we know if Gabe was asked to choose between the two, Portal could win.

The reason why fans think that there might be a sequel was because the ending of Portal 2 suggests that the story might not be over yet but based on what happen to Half-Life, we do not think Valve has any intention of picking the game back up.