Portal 3: Dare We Hope For More?

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Most people believe that Valve has already given up on games like Portal and Half-Life even though those games still have a huge fan base but if Valve were to decide to make a third installment for one of this game, it would probably be Portal 3.

Game Newell hosted an AMA on Reddit some time ago and Newell was asked to pick out a favorite between Half-Life and Portal. Surprisingly, he picked Portal. According to Newell, he was more involve with Half Life and because of that, he knows the flaw of the game and can see where it needs to improve but with Portal, he can’t see all the mistake since he wasn’t that involve in the game.

Of course, this is far from a confirmation that Valve will be working on a new Portal game but if there comes a day when Newell is asked to choose between the two to make a sequel, Portal might win.