Pokemon Sun & Moon Ditches Gym For Island Challenge

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All of the Pokemon games up until this point had gyms for players to challenge and beat but it looks like Nintendo might be switching things up in the upcoming new Pokemon Sun & Moon.

Rumors about Nintendo ditching the long-existing Gym system have been going around for some time since no gym was seen in any of the games trailers. In fact, the latest trailer seems to suggest that instead od challenging Gym leader, the players will now challenge Trail Captain before challenging the Kahuna of the Island. Each Island will have a Kahuna.

It is possible that the gym system is still there but instead of calling them gym leaders, they are now called Kahuna and the Trail Captains will be the people you have to beat before facing the leader.

However, unlike the past games, players will only have to battle four Kahuna since there is only four island in the game. After beating all four, the player will probably have to travel to the final man-made island where he will be facing the final challenge.

It will be interesting to see how the new system works.