Pokemon Go: Developers Lack Of Communication Will Be The Death Of It

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Niantics went from being the most loved app developers to the most hated app developers in a matter of weeks and their unwillingness to communicate with the public might be the cause of it.

From updates to releases, it looks like Niantics is not willing to reveal any of their plans or response to their fans. Fans in regions like South America and Asia have been waiting for the app to be released since the app was officially launch earlier last month. While most of the understand that Niantics is probably trying to figure it all out, they wished that Niantics will at least give them something to hold on to or drop a few updates so that they know that Niantics has not forgotten about them at all.

Others were not too happy with some of the changes Niantics made to the app in the latest update. That was followed by the shutting down of tracking sites like PokeVision. Niantics said nothing this whole time and fans are slowly getting tired of Niantics close off ways.

Of course, since this is Pokemon after all, people will not abandon it all together but Niantics might want to start communicating soon.