The Real Greatness Of Pokebank Is Now Obvious (Pokemon X & Y)

It is rare to come across a gamer that dislikes a Pokemon game. The success with Pokemon X & Y has led many non-Pokemon enthusiasts to try out the game. Now that more and more gamers are playing Pokemon X & Y, there are a growing number of players who don’t have a clue about Pokebank.

This highly anticipated service application from Nintendo allowed players to store their Pokemon on cloud storage. More importantly, the Pokebank gives players the ability to bring over Pokemon from previous versions to the latest Pokemon X & Y game. The Pokebank is also be an integral part of future Pokemon titles.

To an average Pokemon player, this might just be an unneeded service. Little do they know that the Pokebank can change the whole course of their Pokemon adventure. The downside of every Pokemon game is with its post-game.

After completing the storyline, side quests and beating the Elite 4, players will take the ample free time to breed and collect more Pokemon. However, there is not much that can be done with those Pokemon as everything in the game is done and dealt with. With the Pokebank, this won’t be the case.

Players can start a brand new adventure with their favourite level 1s in Pokemon X & Y. The idea of going through the whole game with your main big 6 will certainly change your “Poke Experience”. There is no longer a need to train plan your team.

While it does offer more direction to playing Pokemon X & Y, sticking to your main six would kill the thrill of having to discover new Pokemon and see if they might be ideal for your main team.

In spite of that, the Pokebank is useful in many ways. Also, players will definitely make use of the application to complete their Pokedex. The Pokebank has already been rolled out by Nintendo and it is something worth getting for your Pokemon X & Y.

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