Pokebank: Ishihara Speaks For Nintendo

The Pokemon community have been asking for a service that would allow them to bring over Pokemon from older games into the latest game.

Nintendo have now made fans wishes come true with PokeBank, which is a service that players can use to store their favourite Pokemon in a cloud and them import them into Pokemon X & Y.

Things didn’t quite go to plan though when there was a major crash at the eShop due to high traffic. Nintendo then had to take the PokeBank offline while they work on stabilising servers and then re-release it.

Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president of the Pokemon company has spoken up and said that they don’t expect to see anymore outages and the performance of the server is going to be monitored.

The Poke Transporter has been made available for download and gamers need this to transfer their Pokemon from one version to another. This will not work until the PokeBank has been put in place.

Pokemon games have gone a long way since they first appeared and Ishihara has been quick to praise the developers as they have been able to maintain all the classic gameplay that fans of the game like, while at the same time adapting to the modern tech capabilities and making good use of them.

The goal has been to bring players together and it seems that that Nintendo has managed to do this successfully.

Nintendo will now re-release the service from region to region. The first region will be Japan and this will be followed on by North America and then finally Europe. At the moment the release date is not known as Nintendo are still completing tests.

via CNN

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