PlayStation VR Sales Figures Even Surprise Sony

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After the initial excitement, it seems like the hype for VR gaming and VR tech have been slowing down but that did not stop the 900,000 over thousand Sony fans from getting themselves one.

Sony announces that they manage to sell about 915,000 units of their PlayStation VR headset so far. The VR headset did so well that did exceed what Sony have anticipated.

They originally predicted that they were going to sell about 1 million unit within the first six months but they already surpass the 900,000 mark within 3 months.

Sony might be late to the VR game but it looks like their huge fanbase is all they need to make it work. HTC only sold 420,000 units of the HTC Vive so far while Oculus Rift sold about 243,000 units.

Their next move will be to launch the PlayStation VR in Latin America this year so we are expecting the numbers to climb higher before 2017 ends.