Payday 2 Update Crashed Online Play, In-Game Chat Still Missing

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After stopping updates for more than a year, the developers of PayDay 2 have finally released a new patch for the game but if you are hoping that this patch will bring the in-game voice chat to the game and solve the problems that console players have been having, you will be disappointed.

The big update has been released for PayDay 2 on PS4 and Xbox One. The update, The Big Score will come with the previous DLC as well as an update for the previous copy of PayDay 2.

Instead of fixing the game, the update has caused the online play to crash for many of their players. Many players have complained that they could no longer play the game online.

Fans were also disappointed that the update did not bring the in-game voice chat features to the consoles. For a game that requires so much teamwork, not being able to communicate through voice chat in the game has been a series problem for many console players.