Overwatch Next Character Won’t Be Human?

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Fans have been waiting for Blizzard to introduce some new characters and it looks like they might be working on one now. The hints also suggest that the new playable character might be an android and not human.

This rumor started after Overwatch tweeted an image in the guise of a news story update. The tweet said that Efi Oladele posted an image on her holovid channel saying that it is time to get to work. The image was of a shopping list listing out all the things she needs for her new project.

Based on that, it is believed that the next character could be a robot. In case you do not know who Efi Oladele is, she is a young scientist that specializes in robots and artificial intelligence.

Blizzard release a blog post last week detailing the scientist from Numbani. In the interview, she suggested that she might use her money to do something but said that it was a secret for now.

Let the speculations begin!