Overwatch Competitive Players Have Less Then 10 Days To Relax

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Season 3 for the Overwatch Competitive play in coming to an end as Blizzard reveal the end date and the starting date for the next season. According to Blizzard, Season 3 will be ending on the 21st of February at 4 PM P.T while Season 4 will start on the 28th of February at the same time.

Besides announcing the date, they also reveal the rewards that their players will be getting depending on how far they went. Those awarded with a Skill Rating after 10 placement matches will receive a Season 3 spray and player icon. Those that got into the top 500 player list will get a special icon and animated spray.

Players that play through placement will all be getting Competitive Points based on where they are. You can check out Blizzard site to see how the points are awarded. Once the season ends, players will have less than 10 days to relax before they start all over again.