Overkill’s The Walking Dead Delay Longer Than We Think?

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When the developer of the new Overkill’s The Walking Dead announce that they will have to delay the game last year, everybody just assumes that they meant that the game was going to arrive this year but it is slowly starting to feel like we might have to wait longer than that.

After the announcement, the game seems to have just vanished from the air. We know that the developer is still working on it but no new details were released. Some fans are beginning to speculate that the game might be far from being complete and that 2018 might make more sense.

To be fair, all the big gaming events and shows have not happened yet so it does not surprise us that we are not hearing anything yet. Hopefully, we will hear more about the game at E3 this year.

We know that the new Walking Dead game will be very different from the other Walking Dead game by Telltale. This game will be a co-op game that includes action, stealth, role-playing and survival all in one.