Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Anybody Still Interested?

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There were definitely a lot of interest in the game when Overkill first announce that they will be developing a new Walking Dead game. Part of it was because this is a Walking Dead game. The other reason why people were so interested in the game was because this was the same developers that gave them PayDay 2 and people were so impressed and they feel like The Walking Dead by Overkill would be great as well.

However, the game was announced a few years ago and it does not feel like we are getting any closer to the game. Some fans are hoping that we would see some additional footage or image from the game this year but we don’t dare get our hopes high.

The new Walking Dead game will be very different from what Telltale is offering. Unlike TellTales version, the Overkill version will be a co-op game that will be part role-playing, part stealth play, part action as well as survival.