Nissan Note e-Power: New EV Have People Scratching Their Heads

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Nissan has just announced their new electric powered vehicle. Called the Nissan Note e-Power, the electric motor powered vehicle will only be released in Japan but that is not what the people are confused about.

Nissan released a new video explaining what the Nissan Note e-Power is about, the video, titled “Nissan’s new electric-motor powered drivetrain” suggest that the e-Power is an EV model but after looking at what it is all about, the e-Power is closer to being a hybrid model.

Under the hood is a 1.2-liter gasoline engine that will be power up the electric engine. The vehicle does not come with a plug-in port so you don’t have to charge it. All electricity will come with the engine which makes it more of a hybrid than an EV.

It is believed that with the engine, the Nissan Note e-Power will be able to offer about 87.4mpg. As for whether or not Nissan plans to offer it outside of Japan, the answer is no.