Nintendo Switch: Prepare Your Camping Gear

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Despite all the pre-orders and retailer promising that they will have the Nintendo Switch in their store on the day of release, a lot of people failed to secure themselves one due to the demand. Well, if you are still looking to get one, you might want to head to GameStop this week.

According to GameStop, the ew Nintendo Switch stock might arrive this week. They said that the console might go back on sale as early as Wednesday. However, they are advising their customers to call ahead first before going to the store.

We do not know how many there is but they did say that they will only be seeing individual units. GameStop also made it clear that they won’t be taking in any reservation.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the fastest selling Nintendo Console in America ever and Nintendo is still struggling to keep up with the demand of their customers.

How many of you are still looking for one?

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