Nintendo Switch Blows The Socks Off Bethesda Boss

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Nintendo has been blowing the socks of a lot of game publishers and developers and the latest person to express how impressed he is with the new Nintendo Switch is none other than Todd Howard, the game director of Bethesda.

In an interview with Glixel, Howard stated that he loved the new Nintendo Switch. He added that he got to play it and it was one of the demos he has ever seen. That coming from the mouth of Bethesda’s Game Director is a huge thing.

He also said that the device itself is really smart and that Bethesda will definitely be supporting it.

While a lot of people have been commenting on how impress they are with the upcoming new Nintendo Switch, all of them keep their lips shut tight about what the Nintendo Switch will be offering.

The hype for the Nintendo Switch is real now. Let’s hope Nintendo is able to deliver at the end of the day.