Upcoming GTA 5 DLC Expectations Set

The Beach Bum DLC was released by Rockstar free of charge for GTA 5 a while ago and fans are hoping that they will be offering more content soon. It brought with it various clothing, weapons and beach related cars.

Fans are over this DLC now and eyes are on what might come next.

Fans of the game have got together on Reddit and have been talking about what they would like to see in DLCs for the future. A user with the name of JonJon911 said that they would like to see a zombie DLC and this would add spice to the game. The map in GTA 5 is huge and so it would be great having to escape from zombies in it.

Zombies are nothing new to Rockstar games as we have seen them in Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare. So this time Rockstar could bring zombies into GTA 5.

Another user on Reddit pointed out that they would like to see an alien invasion and there has also been talk about a casino DLC.

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