NBA 2K14 Free VC Codes Leaked For Older Consoles

It is the season of giving and game developer 2K is looking to be part of it. NBA 2K14 players on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 are about to get a mountain load of VC points for free.

It came at an appropriate timing as NBA 2K14 is currently experiencing major technical issues with its servers. The players have been experiencing plenty of crashes when running MyCareer. It is not all doom and gloom yet for NBA 2K14 as the game developer is hard at work in trying to resolve the server issues.

Meanwhile, NBA 2K14 players can take advantage of this great giveaway. It all started with a deal where players have 24hours to claim 10,000 VC points. Of course, it has expired. If you’ve missed your chance, there is still another way to get them VC points.

You can still earn 5000 VC points by simply keying in the Locker Codes which we are as follows:

Xbox 360 and PS3: N14PS-PQ9AD-MDK5L-QXTHX-JHQN3

When ready, go to Locker Codes on the game’s Main Menu and enter those codes. Submit it and you should see 5000 VC points added to your account.

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