More Anticipation For Final Fantasy XV Than Kingdom Hearts 3

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Many Kingdom Hearts fans might whine over Square Enix’s decision to develop Final Fantasy XV first before focusing on Kingdom Hearts 3. Now, that decision is justified after Famitsu named Final Fantasy XV as the most wanted game in Japan right now.

In case the fans are wondering, Kingdom Hearts 3 stands at position number 6. It seems, more gamers in Japan wishes to play Final Fantasy XV ahead of Kingdom Hearts 3. With Square Enix being a Japanese game developer, they will surely cater the home market first before focusing on the global platform.

It is unsure on how the chart will look like if measured on a global scale. Nevertheless, Kingdom Hearts fans need to understand Square Enix and stop whining like a baby. Kingdom Hearts 3’s arrival is unavoidable and when it arrives, the highly anticipated title will be a super awesome title to play.