Middle Earth: Shadow of War Listened To The Fans

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As with most games, fans will often talk about what they would like to see in the sequel and all those stuff but most of the time, their comments will be ignored but it is clear that Monolith was listening to the fans when they created the new Middle Earth: Shadow of War game.

The game will come in as the sequel to the previous Shadow of Mordor game. When rumors of a sequel being made started appearing, a lot of fans started talking about the things they want in the second game and one of them was about venturing outside of Mordor.

As much as we all like the first game, traveling only in Mordor got a little boring after some time. Fans were hoping to see more of Middle Earth in the next game and base on the announcement trailer, that is exactly what we will be getting in the second game.

Fans were also hoping that Monolith will do more with the Nemesis system and that too will be happening in the second game as Monolith promise more factors will be added to the characters. The new Middle Earth: Shadow of War will be arriving this year on the 22nd of August.

The developer has also just released a new gameplay teaser. You can check out that video here.