Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Arrival Hinted By Predecessor

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Fans of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are still waiting for Microsoft to release new details about the upcoming device. While Microsoft did not say anything about a new device coming soon, some fans believe that the recent price drop for the Pro 4 tablet suggest that a new tablet might be arriving soon.

According to iDigitalTimes, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 got a $100 discount last month and now, the tablet is cheaper by $200. This constant discount had fans speculating that Microsoft might be trying to clear out all the old stock so that they can start selling the new tablet.

It is pretty common for smart device manufacturers like Microsoft to drop the prices of their devices to make way for a new device. There are also reports saying that Microsoft is preparing to release a new product that would be compatible with the latest Windows 10 which would explain why Microsoft is taking so long with the new tablet.