Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: What’s Stopping People From Getting One

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We know that the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is a great smartphone and those that actually gotten it was pretty happy with the overall performance of the smartphone. So what’s stopping the rest of the consumer from getting one?

While the Windows fans would argue that there are more than enough apps in the Microsoft store, the fact is that the amount of apps was never the real issue here. The issue was the kind of apps that the store had to offer.

With the younger generation now using apps like Snapchat and Instagram to communicate, the Windows phone will be out of the question since those apps are not available. Yes, we know that there is an Instagram app but it is still a beta version.

Windows phone users were also left out when everybody was going crazy over the new Pokemon Go app because Niantics did not create the app for them. Maybe if they actually work on offering apps that people need, Windows Phone like the Lumia 950 XL could have performed better than it did.


  1. Chris

    October 12, 2016 at 7:20 am

    IMHO, the reason the consumer hasn’t “taken” to the Lumia 950.x (or any other Lumia for that matter now) is Microsoft has turned its back on the product.
    Microsoft has, indeed, turned it’s back on smart phones for the consumer and enthusiast. Feature phones? Not in this country. (Anyone see a commercial for a Windows feature phone in the “lower 48”?
    All of Microsoft’s Mobile offerings will now be headed to the Enterprise.

  2. Krupesh Prajapati

    October 12, 2016 at 8:16 am

    No!… Theres already an updated instagram and Facebook and other such apps on windows phone as in ios and android… But yes.. Snapchat, pokemon go and other such apps aren’t there…and thats shameful… Microsoft is trying their best with visual studio to attract developers but they are so badly stuck with their old things and its their fault…. That they had created such huge gaps between these os… I find windows phone to be amazingly beautiful in its UI and so simpler…. Also there’s one good thing about low apps is that there’s better security from useless apps…like there are on ios and android… Its just if developers gave their little time using visual studio and Microsoft has already shown how easy it is for developers to transfer their apps to windows 10 uwp and the idea of uwp is awesome… And there’s huge potential in windows 10 bcoz of xbox, hololens and lastly pcs and windows phones…. Its just that microsoft need to figure out something alot better and more creative for developers..and its a cycle…like if developers won’t make apps them people wont buy and developers will say we don’t make apps for windows phone bcoz its market is too small…but why are they so narrow minded?