Microsoft Lumia 950 Getting A More Organic Makeover

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Most people would say that it is the Window OS that put them off the Microsoft Lumia 950 but there are some who also thinks that the design of the Microsoft Lumia 950 could be the reason why it is so unpopular.

Do you think the Lumia 950 would have a better chance if it were to come with a design that is more hip and trendy like the one in the image? The device in the image was designed by Lucas Silva. The concept, called the Microsoft Lumia 760 was given a more organic design.

It is not the best-looking model we have seen but the organic casing should help the Microsoft Lumia 950 stand out from the crowd. As of now, nobody really knows what Microsoft has a plan for the smartphone market. Some people even think that they might have decided to ditch the smartphone market and focus on the tablet and laptop market for now.