Microsoft Lumia 950: Even Looks Wouldn’t Have Saved It

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The latest range of Lumia smartphones from Microsoft might be the best that we have seen from them so far but it definitely did not sell as well as they wanted it too. Most people seems to think that it is because people are afraid of making the switch to the Window 10 OS that some others think that the design also played a role.

While the Microsoft Lumia 950 is not ugly it is definitely not the best-looking smartphone out there. Would things turned out better if they have given it new design like the one seen above?

The concept called the Lumia 760 Concept was design by artist Lucas Silva. While most companies are going for the whole glass and metallic design, the artist decided to give his concept a more organic design.

Do you think the Lumia 950 would have done better if it was given a more unique design?

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  1. Sandipan Mukherjee

    October 5, 2016 at 5:00 am

    Its absolutely true that they should have used a better casing maybe a glass or a metal…at least that would have made it appealing…specs are really good but when u launch something with a half baked os nothing can save it not even the design…have been and still is a windows user as i love the superior os compared to others…and windows 10 has improved…but the damage that was done because of the half baked os will require something of a miracle to turn things around….probably a surface phone with the ability to run win32 apps as many are claiming will help wm10 in recapturing the market share…microsoft is innovative but they dont know how to advertise their products….hope this changes for the good…