Metal Gear Survive Just A Modded MGSV?

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Fans made it clear that they were not too happy about where Konami is taking the Metal Gear franchise when they announce the new Metal Gear Survive and they are even more unhappy with it now that some people have pointed out that the new Metal Gear Survive is basically just a modified version of Metal Gear Solid V.

Fans have made comparison videos comparing the new Metal Gear Survive to the actual MGSV game and it was clear that many of the maps and building layout match those in MSGV.

It does not surprise us that they would do that since this will help them save a lot of time and money but some fans saw this as Konami’s attempt to squeeze more money out of them.

Honestly, we think it is alright as long as it plays differently than the main game. Check out the comparison video below and tell us what you think.