Marvel: Avengers Alliance Won’t Be Laid To Rest

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Of course, we are not going to get another sequel to the game after Disney canceled it but some fans think that Disney might be working on a new Avengers game and that might be the reason why they killed off both the Marvel: Avengers Alliance and its sequel.

To be fair, most people could already predict the future of the game. As successful as the first game was, the sequel did not as well and it was only a matter a time before Disney shut it down but with Avengers being so popular right now, the fans feel like Disney will have something more up their sleeves.

Of course, all we know is that Disney wanted to kill off the game so that they can spend their time and effort on something better but we will only know what it is when Disney announces it. Fans have not been too happy with some of Disney’s decision when it comes to their games, some fans are still feeling the pain from when Disney killed off the Disney Infiniti game.

Many believe that Disney might be distancing themselves from making games so that they can focus on licensing them.