Marvel: Avengers Alliance Cut Because Disney Needed A New Version?

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Disney seems to be making some pretty sketchy decision when it comes to axing their games. They seem to only be axing games that people actually enjoyed playing.

Although Disney did announce that the reason why they are killing off the Marvel: Avengers Alliance is because the game was no longer popular and that they want to focus on a new game experience, some people think that they canceled it so that they can use the name to make a new Avengers game.

It is true that while the first Marvel: Avenger Alliance game was a huge hit, the sequel did not come close to the success that the first game had. Disney will want to make full use of their license so it would be better if they start all over again and forget about this failing game.

Fans were also not too happy when Disney suddenly announce that they will be axing the Disney Infinity, one of the top games.