Lotus Evora Sport 410 Breaks New Ground

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Lotus will be offering their new Lotus Evora Sport 410 here in the US and here is what you need to know about this limited number model.

The Lotus Evora Sport will be coming in with a 3.5 liter V6 e2GR-FE engine that will be pushing out about 410hp and 302lb ft of torque. Thanks to the engine, the Evora Sport 410 will be able to go from 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds. With the manual transmission, the Evora Sport 410 will have a top speed of 190mph.

There is also an auto transmission option. The auto model will allow the car to hit 62mph 0.1 second faster than the manual version but it will only have a top speed of 177mph. The Lotus Evora Sport 410 currently weighs in at 2800pounds but customers can take 22pounds off it by opting for the optional titanium exhaust system.

Lotus will only be offering 150 units of these Lotus Evora Sport 410 every year so there is not going to be many out there.