LG V20: Samsung Will Get A Slight Headstart

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It seems like everybody is trying to outmaneuver each other. We know that Samsung will be releasing their new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 earlier this year so to beat the Apple and it looks like LG will also be doing the same although they will still be slightly behind the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Rumors about LG looking to release a successor to the successful LG V10 later this year have been circulating for some time now and LG has now confirmed that the new LG V20 will be arriving in September.

They also added that the new LG V20 will come running on the new Android Nougat software. That should give them an edge over the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which will be arriving one month ahead of the LG V20.

It has also been speculated that the new LG V20 could also be coming in with a dual front facing camera.