LG V20 Is An Unfinished Device?

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We have already seen and heard about the LG V20 and the reviews have been pretty positive so far, it seems like some people are finding apps and files in the LG V20 that suggest that it might be an unfinished device.

A developer have gone on XDA to point out some of the discrepancies that he has found on the stock LG V20. One of the discrepancy that he pointed out was that the LG V20 should come with 5 types of digital clocks but users are not given that any options.

He also pointed out that there seem to be two camera apps in the device. We do not know the apps are there for a specific reason but we don’t often see smartphones come with two camera apps from the started.

Some other developers also pointed out that there are a few Animated wallpapers in the device that cannot be selected even though it is there. You can check out the post here.