LG V10 User Experience Will Ruin LG V20

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LG users have been making it clear that the boot looping issue is the real deal and that their phones are unusable because of it but LG never seems to acknowledge that it is a problem and has not come out with a fix for it and the fans are having enough of that.

The problem was brought to light by some LG G4 users as well as the LG V10 users who started reporting about the boot looping issue just months after getting the smartphone. This can be frustrating especially if you have already signed a contract for the device.

Users that called up the LG customers center were told that it was the carriers fault because of the software update but most people believe that it has nothing to do with any software upgrade.

Because of the whole boot looping issue, some users are thinking twice about getting the upcoming LG V20 which is a pity because it does look like it is going to be a great smartphone.