LG G6: Beat Samsung To The Finish Line

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The LG G5 was out of the race before we knew it. Despite all the new features and the modular design, the LG G5 just did not work. LG is hoping that the LG G6 will and based on what we know and can see, we think the LG G6 might have a shot this year.

We know that smartphone manufacturers have been working to reduce the size of the bezel. It is believed that Samsung will be offering the Galaxy S8 with minimal bezel and now leaked images of the LG G6 suggest that that is what LG is working on as well.

The leaked images released by The Verge showed a device that had a screen=to-bezel ratio that was only slightly thicker than the Xiaomi Mi Mix. It has also been speculated that the LG G6 could be a glass and metal model this year.

The Verge also added that the headphone jack will be returning but the modular design will not. The LG G6 should be making its debut at MWC. Check out the link image here to see the leaked image.