LG G5: Boot Looping Issue Not Gone For Good

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It seems like LG just can’t solve the boot looping issue that their users seem to have. The boot looping issue was a huge problem for the LG G4 users and later the LG V10 users. With so many customers reporting the issue, you would think that LG will be fixing it to make that it does not happen on the newer models.

Well, some LG G5 users have been reporting that they are experiencing the same boot loop issue on their LG G5. The number of users complaining about the issue is very little so we do not know if these users were just trolling around, or it is just a small amount of device affected.

According to the user, the smartphone did not start heating up before the boot loop start which is unlike what many users experience with the LG G4. However, if this is true, some people believe that it might be something wrong with LG’s software.