LG G Flex 3: Killing It Was The Right Move

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Despite the poor response, some consumers were still looking forward to seeing what the LG G Flex 3 has to offer but that will never happen now that it is clear LG has no intention of making an LG G Flex 2 successor.

Many believe that poor response was the main reason why LG decided not to release an LG G Flex 3 but others think that it is because LG has another curved display in mind. Instead of working on a device with a curved screen, there were rumors saying that LG is working on a new device with a foldable screen.

We have not heard from LG or seen anything can confirm the rumor but the arrival of a new device with a bendable screen would explain why LG felt that the LG G Flex 3 was no longer needed.

There were also talk about Samsung working on something similar. It is believed that LG and Samsung will both release their bendable screen device this year but nobody has any idea how it will look like or what it will be offering.