LG G Flex 3: Killed Without A Word

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With the kind of success LG had with the first LG G Flex smartphone a few years ago, you think they would announce it if they did not plan to release a Flex smartphone this year but they did not.

Some fans were still waiting for LG to release the LG G Flex 3 this year. It was initially predicted that the device will be announced at IFA this year alongside the LG V20 but that did not happen.

After the disappointing LG G Flex 2 last year, we were all looking forward to seeing if LG heard what the fans wanted and made the necessary changes but it looks like LG is going to just put it aside and forget all about it.

The fans were not too happy when LG decided to reduce the size of the display screen last year and was hoping that the Flex 3 would come with a bigger display.

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  1. Waiting for the Flex

    October 9, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    Yes I agree. LG should start working on the flex 3. Because it would sell like hotcakes at a county fair. I can not imagine why LG would not want to make the flax 3. As many fans there are of the flex it sell big time. I will wait and not waste my time or money on any other phone. I will wait until CES 2017.