Left 4 Dead 3: Not Completely Hopeless

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It seems like all Valve does right now is to let their fans stew and wait for games that are never going to happen. While there have been a lot of rumors about a possible Left 4 Dead 3 game, we have not seen anything so far although the recent AMA on Reddit suggest that there might still be some hope.

Gabe Newell hosted an AMA on Reddit and fans took the opportunity to ask him some question. One question was about the future of the Left 4 Dead franchise. While he did not confirm that there is going to be a new game, he did not deny it as well.

What he did say was that Left 4 Dead was a great game for creating shared narrative but in Valve, there need to be a group of people that wants to work on the game before it can happen.

The only way they would want to make a game was if the fans showed them that they really want it to happen. So maybe if we keep asking somebody in Valve might decide to work on it. Who knows?