iPhone Morse Code App Allows Students To Cheat In Tests With Vibrations

Students today are getting more creative when it comes to cheating during an exam. In the past, there are many ways to cheat like writing answers on the erasers before starting the test. Today, gadgets are utilized.

An application has been made available for the iPhone which is built solely for cheating. The application will relay recorded answers and pass it to you via vibrations. The way the app communicates with its users is through Morse codes.

Many students are reported to have used the app and claims that it works. It is as simple as keying in key topics, terms and phrases that will assist users completing the exam.

The funny thing is that students are willing to make an effort to learn Morse code instead of learning on the subject of their test. Morse code is not a walk in the park. It takes some time to master the way of communication and these students were able to achieve it.

Those students might have got away with it this round but since this way of cheating is coming to light, perhaps schools will look to ban smartphones in an examination hall. The app is available on Apple Store at the moment and those who are curious can try it for themselves.

You can view a screenshot of the app here.

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