I Am Setsuna Hops On Board The Nintendo Switch Train

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Fans were happy with some of the games that the Nintendo Switch will have when it arrives but some other were hoping that Nintendo would offer them a few more option and it looks like their prayers has been answered but Square Enix has just revealed one of the games that will be release don the Nintendo Switch when it arrives in March.

Square Enix’s RPG, I Am Setsuna will be released on the Nintendo Switch in March this year. The game will be a turn-bassed game that has already been launched on the Playstation Vita, Playstation 4 and PC.

We do not know how much the game will be on the Switch but it was retailing for $40 when it was release for the other gaming console and platforms.

The new Nintendo Switch will be arriving on the 3rd of March and so far, the games that we know will be coming with the device will include Zelda, Skylanders, Super Bomberman R, 1-2-Switch, The Binding of Isaac, and Just Dance.