HTC 10 Sleeps Better Than Predecessor

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On of the biggest issue that HTC M9 users seem to have with the device was its standby draining issue. Users would wake up to see that their device’s battery have dropped.

Some users were afraid that this was going to happen on the HTC 10 as well but users have now reported that their HTC 10 seems to only be losing about 1% to 2% overnight although some users are reporting that they are losing about 1% every hour which is more than usual but still less than what the HTC M9 users was experiencing.

Of course, they were able to achieve that with their WiFi, Data as well as Auto-sync off so you might want to do that as well if you don’t want to lose any battery charges when you go to bed. You might want to kill all the apps, GPS as well as NFC before you go to bed as well.