Half Life 3 Still Up On Blocks?

Half Life fans have been waiting for years for news about Half Life 3, and some are running out of patience. Some are really wondering just what the hold-up is.

Valve hasn’t said anything official, but this doesn’t stop the gossip. They talk a lot about the potential reasons for this epic delay.

Some think Valve has got stuck on the storyline – in Half Life, players had to get out of City 17. In Half Life 2, they had to destroy the combine’s portal to reveal the borealis. It’s possible that this has led to a plot dead-end. The company will have to pull a big rabbit out of a hat to maintain its reputation this time – any even slightly rubbish ideas will just not do.

There’s also been a lot of talk about the Source 2 engine – it takes a long time to develop a new game engine, so company resources might be tied up here.

Valve is also working on the Steam Box – the company’s future console and flagship. This project is taking up lots of resources as well, and may have pushed Half Life 3 to the back burner.

The studio does need to give us some information, though, or fans will just start to leave the game behind.

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