GTA 5 Online Money Glitch Has Gamers Making $5,000,000/hr

Ever since Rockstar had pushed the update that made 50% income cut from repeated missions, GTA 5 players had been looking for alternative ways to make money. Rockstar’s intention to encourage GTA 5 gamers to explore other missions had been seen as something negative by the players. Some even accused that this is Rockstar’s way to push players to use real money on the game.

However, players had found numerous ways to make money in the GTA 5 game. There is a way for players to “farm” money in GTA 5. You can find some money in an underwater area west of Los Santos. After you grab the money for the first time, switch your character to another one. Then switch again to the original character that you used. By doing this, the money will reappear. Grab it and repeat the character switch. Do this 80 times; you will earn $1 million.

Simeon vehicles is a place where you can sell a stolen car. However, you can’t just sell any car. You will get a list of cars from Simeon. You can only pick one from the list. After you made your choice of car, steal it and deliver it to Simeon. Be careful not to damage the car on your way since it will decrease the value of the car. This is a fast way to earn money but the reward is not that much. If you want fast big money, you can rob an armored truck. Armored trucks can be found rolling around in the Los Santos Street. Just stop one truck, kill the driver and bust the back door using a C4 bomb or a gun. This will get you around $5000 instantly.

There is also a cheat you can use to get $5 million in an hour in GTA Online. However, you have to know that the risk of using cheat codes in the GTA 5 or GTA Online game is that you will lose the opportunity to get trophies and achievements for the current session. The only way for you to get trophies and achievements enabled is by resetting the game. This cheat is still useable after the 1.04 update. Are you willing for that? Just watch the YouTube video below to learn how to get yourselves $5 million in an hour.

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