GTA 5 Online Apocalyptic Mode Beckoned!

If there is one thing that the GTA community can’t wait to get their hands on is the long list of DLCs planned for GTA 5. It has been so long since the last DLC got released and the fans have been patiently waiting for the next. However, Rockstar has been silent for a while now and it is a mystery to when this next DLC will arrive.

As such, the GTA 5 players have been particularly active on forums as they let their desires for the game known. Looking into each one of them, there appears to be an agreement that each one of the GTA players would love to have an apocalyptic mode in GTA Online.

One fan known as SpacySquirrel got the most upvotes with his idea for the game. The player wants the GTA world to come to a halt as there is a zombie outbreak, a plague, or even an alien invasion. The environment in San Andreas has also changed as overgrown vegetation swallowed the city. To picture it, simply imagine New York City in the film I am Legend.

To make it more interesting and thrilling, the mini map will disappear. With this, there will be plenty of excitement as players can’t tell a healthy character from a zombie. Also, Rockstar should introduce Jerry Cans to power up a car. Without them, the car won’t start. As such, players will have to lookout for Jerry Cans and other materials to ensure their survival.

The player’s idea doesn’t have to be a one-time event in GTA Online. Perhaps, Rockstar can add in such content under a new mode like the Zombie mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 1. As the demand for DLC is at an all-time high, Rockstar better start announcing something soon.

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