Grand Theft Auto 5 Online: Get Your Biker Gang Ready

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Rockstar has just released a few new details about the Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Bikers update.

The new update will allow players to form and lead their own Motorcycle club. You can have up to 8 players in the gang. Other features that are included in the new update are the new Motorcycle Club Clubhouse, bike mechanic, as well as some new bikes.

Rockstar did not elaborate on the new bikes that they will be offering but fans are hoping that they would see a few new superbikes as well as some luxury bikes that would cost about 1 million in game cash to own.

As exciting as this sounds, the fans are still disappointed that Rockstar actually decided to ignore the single player mode once more. There have been no indication that a single player DLC is on its way and from the way things are going right now, we do not think that there will ever be a single player DLC in the near future.