Google Pixel XL: No Daydream View For ‘Quite Black’

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If you have not heard, Google is offering the Daydream View to their Google Pixel XL users but you might have some trouble getting yourself one if your Google Pixel XL is the Quite Black version.

Some users have already gone on Reddit to complain about Google not offering them the Daydream View due to the color of their device. One user reported that his wife had no issue getting the Daydream View but he was told that his Pixel XL 128GB in Quite Black was not valid for the promotion.

Some other Quite Black users have also chimed in to report that they too are facing the same problem. After insisting on the rebate, the original poster has reported that his rebate in currently in-process.

We do not know why the Quite Black version would be getting a special treatment but some Reddit users have reported that it has been marked valid now and that they are having no issue with the rebate. You can check out the Reddit post here.