Google Pixel: Where Nexus Fell Short

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Unlike the last few Google Nexus smartphone, the Google Pixel is clearly doing far better this year and while most people credit that to the great hardware and features that the Google Pixel has, others think that it is because Google actually made the afford to get the word out.

COmapred to when the Nexus devices were released, it is clear that Google is putting more effort into making sure everybody knows about their new Google Pixel and what it can do. While the Nexus devices were as impressive when they were firs release, a lot of people just did not know much about the Nexus.

Google new approach seems to be working out for them as it has been reported that the Google Pixel XL took only one week to reach the market share while the Nexus 6P took twice the amount of time.

If Google can keep this up, there will be up there as one of the top Android smartphone sold this year.